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"I am happy to provide a recommendation for Bart Rowe. For more than 30 years Bart worked for me and my family business as a trusted member of the firm. He has always been committed to high-quality service for all of the business stakeholders, its clients, vendors, as well as the employees. He brought energy and efficiency, along with innovation to the company. I know that he will bring this same dedication and value to his clients."
- Sidney O. Dewberry (Founder of Dewberry)
"I've known Bart for many years. He first attended leadership classes that I taught at Dewberry. He later collaborated with me and my business partner on multiple successful management projects for the firms' betterment. Bart is smart. He knows what he's doing. He is dedicated. He works hard and is diligent. He is a family man. You can trust him. I know firsthand that he takes delivering quality and value services to heart."
- Harold A. Kurstedt (Emeritus of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech; Managing Principal, Newport Group, LLC)

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